an explanation of controlling principles of
opinion, belief, practice, or phenomena

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There is a movement underway. To simplify. To find balances. To prefer substance over status. And to appreciate perfection in the smallest things. — Bosch
Making the process better, easier, and cheaper is an important aspiration, something we continually work on—but it is not the goal. Making something great is the goal — Ed Catmull
You can accomplish just about anything if you don’t care who gets the credit. — President Harry S. Truman
I’d rather have 10 followers that actually give a shit than a million who don’t. — Jared Leto
Customers buy what’s beneficial to them and are blind to the exotic, outstanding and competitor-beating features that may have become your obsession. — Peter Baskerville
Since what we do influences who we become, deliberation isn’t just a powerful expression of free-thinking. It is the act that determines whether we end up committing to important causes or trivial distractions.  — Evan Selinger
You can’t build great products in the dark, without a well-defined customer. And you can’t develop the right product for your customer if you fall in love with a prototype that nobody wants to buy. — Bill Aulet
It’s common in business for non-creative persons to believe they’ve engineered a means for replacing creativity, which is costly and intermittent and inscrutable to them.  — Mills Baker
Nothing will teach you more about perceived value than taking something with literally no value and selling it in auction format. It teaches you the beauty and power of presentation, and how you can make magic out of nothing. — Sophia Amoruso
There are only two clear tools that work almost all the time for effecting real change. The first is the presence of a visionary leader, but there just isn’t a large number of those folks. The second is a company undergoing the right kind of crisis. Everything in between is people trying to do their best. And that’s where we all live most of the time. — Ed Catmull
People have their fear: They want to be in a secure place; they want to know what to do; they want people to tell them what to do. And there isn’t anything that can remove that underlying piece of human nature. It is when we try to avoid, stop, or control change that we get into trouble. — Ed Catmull
In a battle, if you’re faced with two hills and you’re unsure which one to attack, the right course of action is to hurry up and choose. If you find out it’s the wrong hill, turn around and attack the other one. — Andrew Stanton
The reason it’s difficult to design simplicity is because understanding the essence of something is difficult to do. It takes time with a thing to really understand it and understand which parts are essential and which aren’t. It means giving up parts that we’ve grown attached to. — Steven Bradley
It is a sad but simple truth that the average person filters their world through their ego, meaning that they think of most things relating to “me” or “my.” This means that unless you have done something that directly affects another person or their life, they are not going to spend much time thinking about you at all. — Sean Kim
This new iPhone, there’s nothing new in it. Just a golden color. What the hell, right? When people start playing with color, you know they’re played out. — Vaclav Smil